[Groop] Baltimore Comic Con

dd316 dd316again at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 30 11:14:54 PDT 2007

I'll be there on Sunday. I cannot describe how excited
I am to meet Sergio!!!


--- Tone <Tone at moon-shine.net> wrote:

> 	Ok, so thanks to M.E. and Yodazone we know Sergio
> will be
> attending the Baltimore Comic Con over the weekend
> on September 8th and
> 9th. I bought my advanced ticket from Ticket Master
> and already received
> it in the mail, so now I just have to wait nine more
> days. :(
> 	Like I said earlier, I cycled down to the
> convention center and
> back from my place in York, PA to test out the
> route. After the ride I
> was quite sore, but I made my bike more comfortable,
> so I have decided I
> will again bike down to the convention center on
> September 8th.
> 	In order to arrive there at a decent time though, I
> would have
> to ride my bike during the pre-dawn hours, so I
> actually contacted both
> the York County Parks Department in PA and
> Maryland's Gunpowder Falls
> State Park to obtain permission to ride on the rail
> trail during night
> time hours. Normally a person's presence on the rail
> trail after dark is
> a finable offense, but both offices granted me a one
> time exception. :)
> 	It would not have really mattered to me if I could
> not take the
> rail trail though because I already plotted a
> slightly shorter course on
> normal roadways as a precaution. The major
> difference is instead of
> worrying about the dangers of reckless drivers at
> night I just have to
> concern myself with poisonous snakes, bears, and
> possible escaped bulls.
> :)
> 	Earlier, the Groop member Alexander from Delaware
> said he might
> be able to attend the Comic Con after all. I wanted
> to see if Alex is
> still planning on attending and if there are any
> other Groopies planning
> to be there?
> _TONE_
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