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Promethea promethea at kc.rr.com
Tue Feb 6 18:54:16 PST 2007

Sorry; you asked who had one - and I responded.  
As for not hearing back yet, just as you took several days to reply to
by response, I was trying to do the research, too. 
Bear in mind that I wasn't *in the market to sell* like the current
sellers are - perhaps pursuing one of those transactions would be easier
for all concerned.
I'd still be OK with selling one to a fellow grooper, but this is about
the third time I've volunteered to sell to someone who asked, and each
other time I dug out the item in question, and the person turned out not
to be serious about buying it.

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Thanks for the update about the Groo Game set on eBay, I bid on it but
who knows?  Promethea contacted me about having one, I've emailed back
but not heard anything yet.

If John wants to sell me his, let me know.

Rick Beckley
Rick.beckley at gmail.com

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