[Groop] My Complete Groo Collection listed on EBAY

hegartytab at aol.com hegartytab at aol.com
Mon Feb 19 15:22:52 PST 2007

Hi Fellow Groo Fans,
Due to family illness, I've been forced to sell of different collections that I've had for years.  This includes my prized Groo collection. 
1.  The PC comics from three comics that announced the coming of GROO (Duck Destroyer, with the first appearance of GROO plus two Star Slayers) through the complete run of PC comic GROO's
2.  The complete Image run
3.  The complete MARVEL run - minus four or five.
4.  A Poster
5.  The tradepaper backs (Adventurer, Bazaar, Carnival, etc...)
6.  Many tradepaper backs from Spain of GROO el errante, in Spanish
7. A postcard
8.  Dark horse editions
Here's the link to my seller's page on EBAY:
I'm listing the rest in the next two days.  ALL must GO !!!
I'm sure they will go for 10 cents on the dollar.   
Good luck & take care,
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