[Groop] Semi OT: Pogo's progress

Bodhikt at aol.com Bodhikt at aol.com
Tue Jan 2 18:43:05 PST 2007

Finally started my "art project"-- a peyote stitch portrait of Pogo, from a 
drawing by Walt Kelly (with permission from his daughter, Carolyn). Looks like 
it'll be ~5 1/2" wide. Originally, I planned to do this with 15/0 beads and 
make it an amulet bag, but I couldn't get enough of the colors I wanted -- like 
multiple shades of 'possum gray.... I'm using 11/0s, which means it's "too 
big" for an amulet bag*, and at this point, I'm not sure how it will be 
presented/mounted/whatever. Hanging "tapestry"? Framed? Sewn to something wearable or 
an accessory? Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion!!

After a couple of false starts, and breaking up a couple of dog spats, I've 
finished 17 rows (of ~125). Three hours of beading...  ~ 700 little beads 
stitched together with 8# test Fireline.... Had to stop 'cuz my kid, and the dogs, 
wanted to be fed. Oh, well ... my eyes were starting to cross, anyway.

* It's wider than the Rufferto bag I made with 15/0s-- and that one gets 
pretty heavy, if you have it hanging around your neck all day....

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