[Groop] Groop Do you know the way to san diego?

John T comics230 at cox.net
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That reminds me of a story. This week I went into my comic shop. The owner
was talking to his day clerk. He was saying that some graphic novels had
sold. He said, "A Girl walked in to the store." All of other guys (there
were 4 of us) all started hooting and hollering. "A Girl in the store"
"Where!" and the such. It was funny. Plus Groo is in new Previews. I have 3
(Groos not Previews) on order and can up that if you want. Plus I scored a
pass to the FF movie!


Wish me luck. I'm setting up at a local Flea Market in the morning.


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Oh Rick. You need to go! It's dinner with a young lady!!

on 6/2/07 1:50 AM, Rick Loomis at rick at flyingbuffalo.com wrote:

> I might be able to go to San Diego this year after all. There's a 
> young lady who has a booth, who has offered me a badge and to go to 
> dinner with me one night. Unfortunately the dates of the convention 
> coincide with one here in Scottsdale that I kinda have to go to (I am 
> in charge!) So someone tell me, what Groo-related events will I be 
> able to attend if I show up on Wednesday and leave early friday morning?
> Rick
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