[Groop] Groo News from ME

Mark Evanier me at evanier.com
Tue Jun 12 01:09:58 PDT 2007

For those of you planning on attending the Comic-Con International in
San Diego...

The Sergio/Mark panel is currently scheduled for Thursday at 2:30.  A
panel about just me and my silly career is scheduled for Friday at
4:30.  The Quick Draw panel is currently planned for Saturday morning
at 10:30.  And I'm hosting eleven other panels at the convention, some
of which may interest you.

Sergio will be at his usual table in the Dealers Room.  He is saying
that he will do no free sketches for anyone.  This is for reasons you
probably understand if you've been reading the forum here.

Before that, my friend Carolyn Kelly and I will be Guests of Honor at
the Anthrocon in Pittsburgh over the July 4th weekend.  And it's not
official yet but I think Sergio and I are going to be Guests of Honor
at the big National Comic Convention in New York in November.

The Groo 25th Anniversary Special is coming along nicely.  I just
shipped Tom Luth a section called The Groo Alphabet.  The first page
of it will probably take him longer to color than any Sergio page he's
ever had to color.

The issue also includes a new story called "The Plague," a reprint of
the Little Groo story that ran in a Dark Horse Special in '99 (but in
color this time) and an article about the 25th anniversary of our
idiot warrior.

As soon as we finish that, we start on Groo: Hell on Earth, a
mini-series that will follow immediately.  Then we'll probably take a
month off and put out the long-awaited Groo-Conan mini-series.

I should also be able to announce soon a new Groo reprint paperback.

That is all for now.

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