[Groop] Groo News from ME

Eric Chun ericchun at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 12 16:07:57 PDT 2007

Mark Wrote:
>>Sergio will be at his usual table in the Dealers Room.  He is saying
>>that he will do no free sketches for anyone.  This is for reasons you
>>probably understand if you've been reading the forum here.

Gary wrote:
>Mark can correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm sure Sergio will continue to
>do a sketch inside the cover (or other blank page) of a trade paperback
>that you purchase from him. And he always has boxes and boxes of Groo
>trades, Louder Than Words, Boogeyman, etc.
>So bring Money, buy a Trade, get a Sketch.

Or buy a sketch.  ;-)

Mark wrote:
>>The Groo 25th Anniversary Special is coming along nicely.  I just
>>shipped Tom Luth a section called The Groo Alphabet.  The first page of
>>it will probably take him longer to color than any Sergio page he's ever
>>had to color.

Don't know if this page is any different, but for crowd scenes, Tom doesn't
individually color every single person in the crowd scene.  He blankets
them with one color (as he should), so that it doesn't draw your attention
from the main focus of the page.

Sample crowd scene:

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