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Grossmann, Gary (DOR) GaryG at DOR.WA.GOV
Wed Jun 13 08:04:36 PDT 2007

I'll just give my standard response:

I say we nuke 'em.  

-Gary G. 

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Cool... well, other than thats piracy, copyright infringement, and/or
stealing from Sergio and the creative Groo Gang and completely
illegal... and possibly laced with spyware or viruses.  (Everyone is
aware that there are a few viruses that can be transmitted via images,

Buyer beware as you get what you pay for with free stuff like this.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007, 10:22:14 PM, you wrote:

aza> I'm using bit torrent P2P for downloading things on line (mostly 
aza> things
aza> not available here in Malaysia)... And i came accross this Groo
aza> is being downloaded free on the internet... It contains all Groo
aza> from pacific till the last one... from the number of seeders.. it
aza> quite many people loves Groo (non Groop members is my guess as I
aza> Groop members do not like this downloading Groo ideas) so what do
aza> things about this?  is anybody here downloading it...?

aza> http://www.torrentspy.com/torrent/724872/Groo_The_Wanderer_all_comi
aza> cs

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