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The CBG issue #1631 did come out already....issue #1632 is in stores  now i 
There's a section in the CBG magazine called the "Retroviews" where  one of 
the writers writes little reviews of each Groo comic with 15 Groo issues  
reviewed per CBG magazine...until the whole Groo run is covered.   
It's basically a writer's review and summary of each Groo comic in a  few 
short sentences with a tiny thumbnail cover scan of each  cover.    And it's in 
b&w in the price guide  section.  Issue #1631 started chronologically with 
reviews  of "Destroyer Duck" #1 up to Epic Groo #5.    I can  post a scan in the 
forums to give you guys an idea of what it looks like.  
I was disappointed b/c I was expecting a huge media blitz blowout  coverage 
dedicated to all things Groo!!!   but mainly they are  just short reviews on 
each issue.
I was told that there would be more of a lengthier coverage of  Groo in an u
pcoming issue of CBG for the 25th Anniversary  though.   That might be a cool 
issue especially if they gave Groo  the cover treatment.
I'm not sure if this would be a fit in the Official/Unofficial Groo  list 
since it's just a review column....unless the CBG gets a brand new Sergio  drawn 
Groo cover....then that would be sweet....  

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Someone mentioned that the comic buyer's guide was going to have a  Groo 
related column (or review).  Has this appeared  yet?


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