[Groop] Happy Birthdays!!

Gary Grossmann grossfamm at comcast.net
Sat Mar 3 18:23:58 PST 2007

Hi Folks!  (Behind and trying to catch up as usual.)

Happy Birthday to Glorko!  
(My Fearless Leader with whom I am plotting his glorious return as Ruler of Zoltron!) (Really long time members of the Groop will remember what I'm talking about) 

Happy Birthday Mark!  
I can't believe that woman didn't think you were you.  I've only known you from the the time there was more of you and you still look like that you, only better.  Geez!  I'll bet she was small.  Many of my fellow small people are large-ists and take every oppurtunity to hassle people who are well over 6 feet tall, like you.  (Of course, some of you deserve it (Gordon Kent will back me up on this),  but not you. Never you!)  

Happy Birthday Womble! 
I can't think of anyhting pointless or stupid to say, so I won't try...oh, um, nevermind.  

And Happy Birthday King Kong!  
See now here is the perfect example of how us little guys pick on big guys when given the oppurtunity.  A big guy just wants to take a hot date on a unique tour of the Big Apple and look what they do to him....

Oh, and a very belated thank you thank you thank you to all the foplks who wished me a happy birthday six months ago.  

Take care all -Gary G.

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