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Mon Mar 5 10:49:49 PST 2007

>>P.S. - how will Gary collect Tatoos of Groo? Have the people live in his 
house? Otherwise can his collection ever be called complete?<<

Maybe he can do what AFIP (Armed Forces Institute of Pathology-- kind of a museum of military/other medicine) does....
They have a tatoo collection... just the tatoos, not the rest of the person.... They're imbedded in some sort of plastic, as I recall (also a bunch of pictures and tatooing tools/inks). They also have a "pickled baby" collection. And a leg knocked off by a Civil War cannonball, right next to the cannonball that knocked it off, and a note detailing how the Army doctor who lost the leg came to visit it regularly. And lots of other neat stuff you never see anywhere else....
Anyway, maybe he can persuede the guy with the Groo tatoo to will him his arm. Face it, anybody who would get a tatoo like that likes to live dangerously, so Gary just needs to get some sort of taxidermy set up ready.
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