[Groop] Magnets & stuff

janet at harriett.us janet at harriett.us
Wed Mar 7 19:25:34 PST 2007

> 1. Get married, honeymoon in San Diego during Con week.

I would have to not recommend this strategy. Try wetting her con-beak
with a smaller local cons berfore you pull her to San Diego.  Get
married, and honeymoon at a smaller convention, preferably one that has
some celebrity guests from shows she is interested in.  In our neck of
the woods, there always seem to be a few actors from TV shows that
aren't what you would consider typical con-goer fare (soap operas and
the like).  A lot of the celebrity guests booked in because of
appearances on a particular show might have also had roles on shows or
in movies that she likes.  For example, Marcia Wallace was at the last
Motor City we went to, billed for her work on The Simpsons, but she's
done a lot more.  We had a nice, if brief, chat about "That's My Bush."
 Check out the filmographies of the celebrity guests, and you'll
probably find one or two who have been in shows she likes.  At the
smaller cons we've been to, the celebrity guests tend to be a little
more available, too.  

None of this, of course, helps getting you to San Diego this year, but
it could make a smooth transition for future visits.  This is a
long-term project.  If you start acclimating her to things now, you
might just have _her_ suggesting that you two vacation in San Diego for
Groo's 30th anniversary.  


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