[Groop] Groo DH promo Poster

Tone Tone at moon-shine.net
Sat Mar 10 12:20:03 PST 2007

	Perhaps those on a potential list, who are also definitely going
to the SD Comic Con, could simply have their reserved Dark Horse Insider
set aside and held onto by Gary. Then Gary could then just hand them out
in person to those people.

	I think I have heard other people (not just the voices in my
head or my mom, etc) actually tell me I am pretty smart, or at the least
imaginative. Maybe that extra intelligence (if you can call it that),
allows for some degradation when reading Groo. Maybe reading Groo does
not kill brain cells like booze and drugs, but instead just confuses
things at the cellular level. That might result in eventually regain
brain usage.
	Of course on the other hand, if one were so inclined to reason
in a mathematical sense, one could logically argue ANY INTELLIGENCE x 0
= 0. :) However, it could be possible though that Groo has negative
intelligence, which might result in one's mind imploding at any
significant thought of Groo. Uhm... maybe I should stop right here. :)

	I thought of another fan-art submission idea. What about a two
panel sequence. One panel would have Groo as a child with his red butt
spanked and have a caption saying, "25 years ago Groo's bad ass would
get spanked..." The second panel would then have Groo (possibly a view
from his rear, swords drawn, with a visible path of destruction) along
with a caption saying something like, "Now it just can't be stopped!"
The idea implying Groo's legacy will go on and prosper. :)
	On another note, I do not think you should feel bad about
mentioning those horrid events in relation to Groo ideas over the course
of the past 25 years. To be honest, when you mentioned the
events-of-destruction idea covering the past 25 years... being from NYC
myself I of course thought of the terrorist attacks of 9-11. I even
tried to come up with some humorous takes of the event with Groo,
although pretty unsuccessful. Never the less, my idea was to try to use
the comical side of Groo to lighten up the depression related to
thinking back to that day. I know after 9-11, just like everyone else,
SO many comic artists were intensely struck by the attacks. They had a
difficult time expressing their stories. Eventually some of them were
able to illustrate their feelings though, and I think that helped many
fans cope with the tragedy.

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