[Groop] Groo DH promo Poster

Tone Tone at moon-shine.net
Sat Mar 10 12:52:27 PST 2007

Deer Gary,
	Darn it, can't you see I am trying to save you a buck (most
likely a number of bucks in fact)! Maybe as possibly the ultimate Groo
collector something has in fact rubbed off on you to explain why you
think the process sounds too complicated. I thought you had much of your
Groo collection framed and out of direct touch? ;)
	That guy Dom, who e-mailed Chris by mistake, also e-mailed me
too, so he's clearly up for it. In my logic I figure everyone who would
get one would be thrilled to get one for free and certainly have no
problem with sharing that enjoyment with someone else. Also if they all
seem willing to pay you back for postage, technically YOU could
potentially save them money since they would not have to spend the $0.39
to mail you your reimbursement (or get that annoying Paypal surcharge if
you accepted payment that way).
	If you think it is too complicated for you, I have no problem
coordinating the organization of it. You seem to do so much already for
the Groo community. I really do not mind taking on a little effort. :)
Besides think of it, Gary, "only you can stop forest fires"... well more
like at least save A tree from being pulped due to the extra packaging.
On top of that, for those wanting a poster and also able to make the
SDCC, you could still take a more active part in the distribution by
just setting aside their copies and bringing them with you to hand off
in person, thus reducing the mailing list efforts for me. :)

	Ok that is it, Gary. That is my final offer. Take it or leave
it. Otherwise I will suspect you of plotting against me, Gary. I now
know your true motives and see behind your mask. You just wanted OJ all
along! Somehow you found out I go to CostCo once a month and pick up
hundreds of dollars worth of groceries on my cargo bike each time...
INCLUDING (..AAHA...) four cases of Tropicana with vitamin D
fortification! I knew it! This is some ploy just to get me to bike to
San Diego with a massive load of OJ... all for you. Truly and evil
plot... however don't you think it would be way easier for me just to
coordinate a short and temporary mailing list instead? Besides ever
since I stopped messengering I am not as in shape as I use to be, so
there might be a chance I would not make the Con in time and all that OJ
would just go bad somewhere in the Nevada desert or whatever.
	LOL... sadly, even though this scenario is a far fetched one,
there is always some truth. :) I do in fact bike to Costco once a month
and DO pick up four cases of OJ. I drink the stuff all the time, a
carton a day on average. That is because I do not drink alcohol,
carbonated drinks, or coffee, pretty much just OJ, skim milk, and water.
Damn this healthy living! :)

	Enough of this insanity... it can all stop if Gary just gives
in. :) Come on Gary, you can do it. We believe in you. Quit.

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