[Groop] Helping the newbies

H. Barker hb239 at cam.ac.uk
Sun Mar 11 14:14:24 PDT 2007

On Sun, 11 Mar 2007, Tone wrote:

> 	Hopefully without sounding like I am post padding, even though I 
> do not care for such things (since after all I am not a soccer goalie), 
> I thought it might be nice to direct some of the new Groopies to a 
> couple of sites where they can still actively find not-so-common Groo 
> merchandise, OTHER than eBay. I got this idea because I recently brought 
> up a few of those rare eBay finds and there have been a couple of posts 
> from newer members in the past few weeks. I also remember my personal 
> experience from after I was a member of the Groop for a number of 
> months. I still had not found some of the uncommon stuff out there and 
> did not know about these sites, so I figured this info could be helpful 
> to some. :)
> 	So, for those who are not in the know you might want to check out:

[ snip ]

Hi Tone,

I just wanted to say a huge "thankyou" for this lengthy post. Being what 
you would consider a newbie, I'm completely and utterly hooked and doing 
my best to get what Groo comics and merchandise I can.

The biggest stumbling block so far is the postage/shipping; t-shirts, 
posters, statuettes and some of the rarer TPBs are unbelievably expensive 
to ship to the UK.

I'm quite chuffed with myself that I managed to get a copy of the game 
plus expansion for 40 pounds (80 dollars) and a bunch of the GNs. I'm 
currently addicted to Groo and don't mind admitting it. I'd love to get a 
t-shirt and poster, but time will tell.

So yeah, I'm grateful for your lengthy post, Tone, thanks.

Any other fellow UK Groopies here?

Cheers all,


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