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>>There is a Groo on Page 47 of Groo #475<<



Oh Man! Don't tell me I missed issues 121 to 474. I am going to get after my
Comic Book Guy! He's supposed to save all of Sergio's stuff!


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Hi Folks!


There is a Groo on Page 47 of Groo #475


There is a Groo & Rufferto in the latest Weekly World News (March 19th


You better get it soon because the second Flood is coming, as is the March
of the Killer Penguins.  (sorry Janet, but the WWN says it's so, so it must
be true!)  


-Gary G.  


PS  We need more people to go to the Dark Horse Creator Owned Forum and add
their two kopins worth on a couple of the threads.  You don;'t need to put
much.  Just that you want a new Groo adveture, you want the trade paperbacks
to start up again, you'd buy a Groo baseball cap, something like that.  And
look at the other Groo threads, cuz that is counted too.   We need an
increase in the volume of comments and views.  

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