[Groop] Groo News from ME

Mark Evanier me at evanier.com
Tue Mar 20 23:10:33 PDT 2007

Don't post this in any public forum yet please...

It now looks like Dark Horse will release a new four-issue GROO
mini-series with the title GROO: HELL ON EARTH.  First issue out in

A GROO 25th ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL will also be out before the year is
over.  I'm guessing December.  It'll be mostly new material but with a
few reprints.

We should be announcing a publication date for THE GROO PARADE any day
now, reprinting four more issues from the Epic run. 

The GROO/CONAN series is still planned but has been delayed due to a
bunch of problems.  I have no idea when it'll be done but everyone
still seems to want to do it.

Sergio and I appreciate the patience of all the GROO fans out there
over the paucity of new material.  The problem does not lie with Dark
Horse.  It has to do with us getting busy and distracted.  I think the
problems are behind us.

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