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>>Is it worth volunteering at the comic con?  If I volunteer, I can go for 
free (saving $50.00)…. Is it worth it or too demanding/restricting? 
Anyone else in the groop done this or planning on doing it?<<
You get a cool, limited edition T-shirt if you're there for the whole con, 
and if you have any special skills the con staff can use, you'll get to show 
them off (like run the films). Usually not at all onerous-- and you might get to 
see/do something you hadn't even known would be possible. I think it's 12 hrs 
for the whole Con, or 3 hr/day, and if there are special panels, etc. that are 
"must sees" for you, you can get that time off. Often special goodies come by 
for the volunteers -- like masquerade passes that you don't have to stand in 
line for.
I've been volunteering at the Art Show for the last few years (as well as 
entering it). This year I'm officially "staff" there -- which means I get a cool 
badge that says "staff" and lets me get in before the official opening time 
without standing in the big long line that wraps around the convention 
center.... Staff doesn't get paid otherwise (except they also get the cool T-shirt). To 
be "staff", you'd have to be able to attend the monthly meetings, so I think 
that would be a bit too far of a commute for you (although I do know one man 
who commutes from Utah to San Diego monthly ... no kids to worry about, though).
If any of your kiddos are over 16, they can volunteer, too....

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