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>>The Art Show last year had a fascinating display of the Hall of Fame for 
Eisner awards, celebrating our comics heritage. If they do that again I'd be 
sure to see that.<<
It's there every year -- and expands by at least one panel each year (new 
Eisner Award winners). Sergio is there.... And it's one major reason the art show 
is getting some money to replace/repair damaged panels-- most art shows make 
some money for a con, and so can pay for such things, but CCI doesn't charge a 
commission on sold work and the panel/table fees don't really cover the cost 
of the space, so the Art Show costs have to be compared to "what else" CCI 
needs to operate; that Hall of Fame display is part of the mission to promote 
comics and comic artists, so getting panels for that is a justifiable expense.

>>The food is too pricey at the Convention Center. So bring your own or take 
an hour of so off mid-day and catch a shuttle to Horton Plaza mall (which is 
an attraction in its own right). Lots of cheap food places there.<<
A lot of people walk down to Ralph's-- they have a deli and coffee bar. 
Cheaper and better than the Con vendors. Open before the Con. Plus, it gets you out 
of the miasma in the dealers' room.

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