[Groop] Volunteering at San Diego Comic-Con

Dana Gabbard dgabbard at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 22 10:50:01 PDT 2007

Good suggestion, Kaytee! If you are lazy, like me, Ralph's is also on one of 
the shuttle routes (as a Convention goer you can ride the shuttles for 

Also it is a short walk to Seaport Village, an open air shopping complex 
with some very good places to eat. Avoid the Gaslamp district--crowded, 
pricey and trendy. UGH!

Dana Gabbard
Groo fan since Groo #1 (Pacific)

>A lot of people walk down to Ralph's-- they have a deli and coffee bar.
>Cheaper and better than the Con vendors. Open before the Con. Plus, it gets 
>you out
>of the miasma in the dealers' room.
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