[Groop] Volunteering at San Diego Comic-Con

Dana Gabbard dgabbard at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 23 12:59:09 PDT 2007

Just so Myron is prepared for what he will encounter--the Con has 
everything. Whatever your interest in terms of entertainment and culture, it 
is represented somewhere at the Con. While its origins were as a comic book 
convention, it also from conception has been dedicated to celebrating all 
the popular arts and being close to Hollywood just made it even more so. 
Science Fiction. Fantasy. Animation. Anima. Manga. Furries. Gaming. Creative 
Anachronism. Old Time Radio. Classic TV. And much much more. And comics. 
Fabulous panels. A film festival. A huge vendor floor with comic book 
dealers, small and large publishers, entertainment company displays, toy 
companies, etc. It is an intellectual feast--a smorgasbord! Exhausting and 
exhilarating. All this and a panel on Groo. Plus since Sergio is a special 
guest this year he'll likely have a spotlight (probably hosted by Mark). And 
all those fabulous panels Mark dopes. And much much more. And over the 4 
days something like 120,000 attendees. Or more. And it all starts in about 4 
months from yesterday...

Dana Gabbard
Groo Fan since Groo #1 (Pacific)

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