[Groop] Volunteering at San Diego Comic-Con

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Ouch! Err. Attending without being crushed by the massive crowds. That is a 
true test of genius...

P.S. - if you have figured that out, could you share how to do it with me?

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>And just where does the ³intellectual² part come in?!?
>on 3/23/07 1:59 PM, Dana Gabbard at dgabbard at hotmail.com wrote:
> > Just so Myron is prepared for what he will encounter--the Con has
> > everything. Whatever your interest in terms of entertainment and 
>culture, it
> > is represented somewhere at the Con. While its origins were as a comic 
> > convention, it also from conception has been dedicated to celebrating 
> > the popular arts and being close to Hollywood just made it even more so.
> > Science Fiction. Fantasy. Animation. Anima. Manga. Furries. Gaming. 
> > Anachronism. Old Time Radio. Classic TV. And much much more. And comics.
> > Fabulous panels. A film festival. A huge vendor floor with comic book
> > dealers, small and large publishers, entertainment company displays, toy
> > companies, etc. It is an intellectual feast--a smorgasbord! Exhausting 
> > exhilarating. All this and a panel on Groo. Plus since Sergio is a 
> > guest this year he'll likely have a spotlight (probably hosted by Mark). 
> > all those fabulous panels Mark dopes. And much much more. And over the 4
> > days something like 120,000 attendees. Or more. And it all starts in 
>about 4
> > months from yesterday...
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