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this site has circulation numbers too:
for trade paperbacks and comics from 1996 to present day....
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The  "Standard Catalog of Comic Books" might have the circulation  numbers:

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Hi Folks!

Ok,  so just because there is definitely going to be new Groo doesn't mean we 
should go back to sitting on our haunches waiting. Eric is still right. We  
need to do some fan promotion.

Mark, what can we do?

I had a  plan to get a little retailer survey put together and send it out to 
every  comic shop in the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia I could find that had 
an  e-mail and send the responses to Dark Horse. I had gotten the OK for this 
from one of Dark Horse's advertising managers and I had already talked to  my 
local comic shop owner to get an idea of what to ask and how to ask it.  I'm 
still planning on doing this, although I am now going to rephrase  things a 
little and wait until Mark says it's OK to go public with the  Groo News.

Btw, My local comic book shop said he will buy somewhere  between 50-100 Groo 
25th Anniversary Specials because he knows he can sell  half of them right 
away and the other half over time because Groo one  shots are easy to sell. 
He liked the Pacific/Epic/Image Groos better than  the DH mini-series from a 
business perspective because they were primarily  each a self contained story 
and that made them easier to sell than a  series. Groo is currently the only 
back issue comic he will buy because  they always sell. Interesting.

I have no idea if that's typical and I  don't know how that balances out with 
TPB sales, but it might certainly  bode well for Sergio's "Friends & Enemies" 
series idea if it is ever  resurrected. That is a series AND each comic is 
self contained, so you  satisfy everyone (?)

Anywho, if the Groo mini-Series will come out in  August, hopefully Dark 
Horse will have a promotion going by Con Time in  July. That would be sweet!

Dougies art is awsome.  I hope other  talented Groopies are at their drawing 
boards.  Take care all -Gary  G.
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