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Hi Folks!
Kaytee has it right, although I'm not sure anything is as low as $50
anymore.    Sergio always has a good sized portfolio with already done
drawings ranging from $75-$600.  The $75 might be Rufferto holding a
flower.  A $5-600 drawing would be Groo in a cool battle or maybe a
drawing of group drawing of Groo and many of the regular characters.  
Sergio usually has some Image or Dark Horse Groo pages on hand.  I think
they are up to $400 now, although they may have gone up.  (See Larry, I
steered you right a few years back, didn't I?)  
And, as Kaytee said, Sergio will take commissions until he has no more
time to do them that weekend.  The cost depends on what you want. 
Take care -Gary G.  
PS  I am drooling.  
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		was wondering how much original artwork goes for.. I
assume Sergio sells some ?

	You can get quickie souvenir type scetches/autographs free! I
think drawings that he spends a bit more time on start at about $50...
and as for the originals of the pages for his books ... ask Gary....
He'll also do custom orders, and price depends on size and complexity.
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