[Groop] Did I err? The Groo Plates

Chris Schechner cschechner at sbcglobal.net
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I didn¹t think they were American, because we don¹t use those kind of plates
here. Those are letterpress plates and we us litho offset plates...very thin
and no raised surfaces. Regardless, they¹re very cool!


on 3/29/07 7:48 PM, John T at comics230 at cox.net wrote:

> Sorry I hit the Send button when I was going for Edit. I bought the plates
> from rjrjegyptian, an eBay seller.  His father was metal recycler in Sparta,
> Il. Where they used to print most of the comics. The guy saved many of them
> before they were destroyed. He was selling other ones, and e-mailed him
> asking about Groo. It was the single largest non-home/car purchase I have
> ever made. I am going to keep 82 & 83. I am eventually going to frame them
> with the comic. I gave Gary 1st dibs, when he decides then I will make what
> I have available to everybody else.  I think rirjegyptian has one more
> cover. He did contact me and then I though I saw on eBay. If I remember he
> was asking $495. I don't know if it sold. I will not be asking that much. He
> has lots of other titles. He may have some Marvel Age, I did not ask him
> about those. He doesn't have any Usagi Yojimbo. Wasn't somebody an Ambush
> Bug fan. I think I saw one of those too.
> If anybody knows anything about possible care of them let me know. Yes,
> there some rust, but also some brown discoloration. I will gladly
> rephotograph any of them for you. However, I am trying to get eBay moving so
> there may be a delay in that. Just ask Gary. I've had these since October.
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