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Hi Folks!

Wow! Those of you who want a complete mint condition set or mint
condition individual issues can soon get them from THE reliable source. 

For those who don't care if the comics are mint, but just want to round
out their collections, we can still do the exchange.  Or people like me
can just unload all their extra Groos as needed by others.  I seem to
accumulate Groo comics without really trying.  And I know there are a
few others like me.  

Also remember that the Groo trades will be starting up again.  The paper
quality is so much better.  The art and color is really great.  But you
do need the originals for the Groo Grams and also because...well just

So what's all involved in setting up what Arturo was taling about?  

-Gary G. 

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It may be of interest to the folks here...

You may have heard that I had a "warehouse" of back issues of GROO. This
is more or less true.  Over the years, publishers sent out cases of the
books for Sergio and me.  He sold most of his off but I stuck mine in a
public storage locker.  At last inventory, I had between 50 and 200
copies of every GROO comic ever published, all in pretty good condition
since they'd never left the boxes the printer put them in.

Recently, I decided I needed the space so I've turned them all over to a
comic dealer named Steve Wyatt.  He's sorting them out and seeing how
many complete sets he can make.  He'll be selling them off at
conventions over the summer...in some cases as complete sets with a
little certificate signed by Sergio and me.  He'll also be selling
individual issues, of course.

So don't be surprised if there are a lot of mint-condition GROO comics
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