[Groop] Groo Credit cards

Greg Craill grooless at yahoo.com
Fri May 4 21:27:49 PDT 2007

They're not actually credit cards, they are the banks "Night and Day" cards, 
which is a debit card only, you can use at ATM or EFTPOS (Electronic Funds 
Transfer at Point Of Sale).

And yes I had thought of the $5.00 NZD charge for a replacement card when a 
card is lost ...

- Open new acct with $5.00 per Grooper who wants a card
- Order a lost card for each "order" and pay the $5 fine for each one
- Close acct after we have enough cards
- post cards out

Would see if I could get the name on the card to be G.Rooper.   :o)

But that may have to wait until I get back to NZ to jack up ....


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>I think it would be simpler if I just moved to New Zealand!  -Gary G.
>>Hey Greg!
>>You will now have a Groo item that I don't have!  That's not easy to
>>do. Congrats!
>>-Gary G.  (Whose bank won't make him a Groo Bank card even if I got
>>PS  Maybe I'll open an account with the Greg's New Zealand bank
>>PPS  I wonder if  when you use it to take money out of the bank it will
>>pay you in Kopins?
> Something to keep in mind, Gary, is that credit cards expire after
> awhile. Most of the time, the expiration date is 2-4 years in the
> future, and when it expires, the bank sends you a new one. If Greg
> trusts you, and he gets the Groo card, he might be willing to send
> you the old card when it expires. (And of course you won't know the
> new expiration date).
> If Greg wanted to "cheat" a little, and is generous, he could (after
> he gets his card) tell the bank it was "lost" and ask them to issue
> him a new one. Then the old one could be given away to a Groop
> member, as it would no longer be valid.
> On the other hand, many banks do "branded" credit cards where they
> allow an organization to put their logo on that bank's credit cards,
> which are then offered to members of that organization. Maybe Sergio
> and Mark could get some US bank to do a "branded" Groo card?
> Rick Loomis
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