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I don't think its a coincidence that I'm missing 117 (and 118) as well.  I 
think I read someplace that the last several issues of the Epic series had 
low print runs.  Perhaps 117 was particularly sparse.
I'm away from home (as I explained to Gary) until July and will not be able 
to participate in the exchange until then.  That kind of peeves me a bit 
since the whole thing exchange thing was my idea to complete my collection. 
I have 10 or so duplicates to trade, but need over 60 issues.  I'd 
appreciate if you guys don't gobble them all up before I get back.

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> Hi Groop.
> wayne smith wrote:
>>      Lastly, I am 2 issues short of completing my collection.  My
>> original collection was combined with my brother's to make one complete
>> run.  I've been trying to finish one for myself, but I need #117
>> and#119.
> No Way wrote:
>> I've been trying to
>> track down #117 and #118 for several years now (it seems very Groo-ish
>> that of 153 issues, one of the two issues I'm missing would be part of a
>> multi-part story...).
> Interesting, 117 is one of the ones I'm missing myself. I wonder why
> it's so popular.
>> Hmm... for the comic exchange, if anyone could help me out with those 
>> two, and maybe numbers 29-32, 41-43 and 46
> <snip>
>> along with the individual Mightier than the Sword and Death and Taxes 
>> runs...
> If you're not terribly short on cash, most of these (except 46) can be
> found at mycomicshop.com. If you order more than $50 worth of stuff
> shipping is free. The Dark Horse minis are a bit expensive though.
> Gary, I appreciate you volunteering to be the hub of a potential
> exchange. I would be more than happy to do it myself, but I don't think
> I have the clout or respect that you command. I know it's relatively
> soon, but I was hoping people would use the wiki page to get something
> jump-started.
> Do you think $2 or so per issue requested would cover shipping/handling
> expenses? I think that's a very fair fee, but then again, I've never
> shipped any comics out myself.
> I also suggest "rules" similar to the ones Mark and Sergio had for the
> Great Trading Card Exchange to prevent abuse.
> If you're serious about getting something started (I doubt anyone will
> object) then let me have your address to send you my extras. :P
> -- 
> Arturo R.
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