[Groop] More Membership Card Ideas

Owens, Gabriel R JO2/E-5, CNRC N00 gabriel.owens at navy.mil
Thu May 10 06:38:56 PDT 2007

 I will gladly take a new card if it's silver.  

Gabe, though the gods know why I need *two* Groo Cards...but I want

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            While I would like to get a classic orange card due to
missing out on the first batch, I totally respect and understand the
reasoning to celebrate Groo's 25th anniversary with a silver card.
Therefore I could go either way in regards to the color choice.
            In terms of the 16 digit number, of all the suggestions I
have read in the Groop I kind of prefer your "GROO 25TH YEAR"
suggestion. Is there any possibility though of altering the "Member
since ####" text completely so it would instead acknowledge the
anniversary? I know there was already some discussion of changing the
"MEMBER SINCE" year numbering to a short phrase or wording, but what if
the whole line was altered? It could read something like "CELEBRATING 25
newer Groopies would not feel like rookies with their newer dated cards
compared to everyone else's cards produced in this batch run. Out of my
own suggestions for this idea of mine I personally prefer the "2007
SILVER ANNIVERSARY", although I am not sure if that would be too much
text for that line.
            Alternatively, another option would be to kill the older
"MEMBER SINCE ####" line and change its function slightly. It could be
given the ability to also act as a membership number, so it would read
more like, "Member XXXX". Perhaps the pre-printed black wording of that
line could still read "Member", but a person could order the rest of the
line to read as they want. This way if a Groopie chooses they can still
have it read "Member SINCE 2005" where the "SINCE 2005" would be the
variable punched text a person could decide. In either case, this
suggestion of mine would free up the 16 digits completely in order to
have more room to play with the 25 anniversary ideas. One idea for all
16 digits could be something like "GROO 25YR 1982 2007". I would hate to
think "SMST" would not be recognized on the card, but where else can the
Groo creative crew be acknowledged?
            Gary, I know I already sent you a PayPal payment along with
my "final" card info choices, but you MUST realize you just opened up a
whole new can of worms (good for Mulch) with these silver anniversary
ideas, so all bets are off until the Groop gets membership card details
straightened out. :-) Of course you should just hold on to my payment
until the cards do eventually get made.

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