[Groop] Motor City Con T-Shirt Announcement

Ronny Hansen groop1 at groo.org
Thu May 10 09:57:53 PDT 2007

Ohh, the good news just keeps coming!! 
Would love one of those. Put me in the hat please.
Size/cost not a problem. Will take what's presented :)

Hmm, all this new Groo stuff makes it hard to be a lurker anymore...
Ronny Hansen

> Hi Folks!
> Taking time out from the suddenly more complicated than I thought it
> would be Groop Membership Card stuff, I found out the other night that
> the Motor City Comic Con T-Shirt will be a Groo T-Shirt!!!!
> Unfortunately, they planned to produce only 144 shirts.  Arghh!!
> However, I was able to contact the person in charge of such things at
> Motor City via e-mail, told him about the Groop, name dropped Sergio,
> and he told me that he could probably arrange to get me a shirt and "a
> few others." 
> I'm not sure how many "a few others" is.  But I want to know from you
> folks is how many people would be interested in a Motor City Con Groo
> T-Shirt for between $15-$20?  Also tell me the size.  
> Unfortunately, I'm guessing there will be more folks wanting shirts than
> I can procure.  In that case, I will have The Long Suffering Mrs. G draw
> names out of a hat.  Or something like that.  
> A Groo Con Shirt!  Very appropriate for The Year of Groo.
> Take care all- Gary G.
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