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Tone Tone at moon-shine.net
Thu May 10 18:48:15 PDT 2007

            I was thinking (I know that is a paradox being that I am a
Groo fan and all, but.), if getting some artwork from Sergio for a
Groop-specific T-shirt is most likely NOT an option has anyone
considered the possibility of producing a Groop-designed shirt with
Groop-submitted Groo artwork? I know the "Did I Err??" T-shirt is
obviously nice and quite appropriate, but what if it was backed-up by
some visual fan-made correlating artwork?
            We have clearly seen some Groopies have serious artistic
talent. Maybe we could hold some sort of contest where some Groopies
submit possibilities and everyone votes. Heck, maybe the vast majority
of us Groopies do NOT have any artistic talent, so there might not even
be many submissions. If that is the case, maybe we could even pull off a
T-shirt with ALL the submitted imagery. on the front, back, and possibly
even the sleeves. Although I am not sure if the sleeves would be a real
option if the T-shirts are orange and sleeveless in the spirit of Groo's
orange tunic. While I like imagery on sleeves (I am a biker/messenger
and have a nice little cycle jersey collection with such sleeve designs)
I totally like the idea of having a sleeveless shirt like Groo!
            Even if we could not get the sleeves as part of the "canvas"
we could certainly fill up the front and back. In the spirit of Sergio's
ultra-detailed and filled in style, having multiple fan-submitted pieces
plastered all over the T-shirt I think would be awesome! It would be the
epitome of fan-dom. I could not imagine Sergio and Mark NOT liking it.
Naturally we would be giving Groop T-shirts to all the Groo creative
Crew for free (to win their favor as Groo gods or somehow just
legitimize the project from being completely dorky), but MAYBE the shirt
might be so cool we might even get/convince/trick/drug Sergio to buy
one! :-)
            Right now with SO MANY things going on, I think it would be
best to hold off on this though. Things in the Groop are crazy enough
with the membership cards on the way with all of its new choices thanks
to Gary. Then there is the motor-city T-shirt acquisition plan too. The
San Diego Comic Con is coming up as well, so there will probably be a
bunch of people coordinating efforts. Of course on top of all of these
are the long awaited upcoming releases, which have everyone stirred up
like a bunch of piranhas in a bucket of blood. :-)
            Until we have a realistic span of time to properly address a
Groop shirt with fan artwork on it, all you creative types might want to
let those ideas fester in your skulls. :-)

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