[Groop] Groo Sightings in the UK?

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FOOTBALL DAGNABBIT!  Crazy foreigners and your soccer worship.  :P 

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the whole world (except US) call soccer as football.... maybe we should
call american football as american rugby as it is more rugby than soccer
(football)... as it was a marriage of rugby and Soccer (football) at
harvard U. (if i'm not mistaken...)

Larry Steller wrote:

>Sorry, guys, I'm waaaay backlogged reading these! My comment on the 
>whole football/soccer thing is that, frankly it makes more sense to 
>call soccer "football", as the whole point is kicking a ball with a 
>Whereas, even as an American only marginally interested in football, 
>it's obvious that the ball is not ball-shaped, and for the greater 
>majority of the game the foot does not come in contact with the ball.
>Yes, there are rare kickoffs and punts and stuff, but that's like 
>calling soccer "headball" because you occasionally hit it with your 
>Therfore, I propose callig American Football GOALS ON LONG FIELDS or 
>GOLF for short...

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