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Grossmann, Gary (DOR) GaryG at DOR.WA.GOV
Fri May 11 15:29:43 PDT 2007

Hey Folks!  Well, We Did It!  

I talked to Gary Bishop at Motor City Comic Con and we will be getting
our Groo T-Shirts!

I will talk to him again on Monday and I will put in the final order.
So there is still plenty of time. 

I will also give him the names and orders of the folks who are coming to
the Con and you guys will pick up your shirts when you arrive to pick up
your Con Badges.  

Gary asked that I wait 'till after the Con to make the arrangements for
all the other shirts to be sent to me.  Having them all shipped to me
makes it simple for him, albeit a little more expensive for us.  

I still don't have an exact price.  All I've gotten so far is "usually
between $15-$20" and "no more than $20"  
So we will see how far the $20 goes and how much more, if any, we need
for postage.  Sorry I couldn't get all that squared away beforehand, but
it was most important to get in serious money for serious orders to show
Gary B. we were...serious!  

Paypal apparently has various rates for various persons and
circumstances, but it's averaging about 4.4%.  
I'm hoping I can get the shirts for $16-$17 a piece and have enough left
to cover all the postage, but that may be wishful thinking.  

Oh, and while I appreciate all of your thanks, don't forget to raise a
cheer and a pint to Sergio!  If he hadn't given me the head-up on this,
we never could have pulled it off.  

Take care all -Gary G.  (who, believe it or not, has been getting work
done at work) 

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