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Aw man, you beat me to the punchline! 

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Personally, I think it's a creative and totally appropriate way to get
money to do something that has everything to do with this group. Flame
me if you want, but I stand behind Jason.

(who actually doesn't stand at all!)

on 5/15/07 3:13 PM, jason nuttall at jasonnuttall at yahoo.com wrote:

> Apparently I set something off here, so I apologize for sharing my 
> Ebay items.
>  I'm trying to get around enough money to go to the Motor City Con to 
> meet the man who inspired me to draw, Sergio Aragones.  I'm selling 
> artwork that I created.  I'm trying to attend without causing 
> financial distress on my family. I didn't think it would be that bad.
> Again, I apologize for causing such a fracas.  
> I'm done now.
> Block print on Ebay now. Joe Walsh.  Looks good.
> Ok, NOW I'm done!
> Jason Nuttall

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