[Groop] Hat Idea for the groop

wayne smith wayne-smith at sbcglobal.net
Mon May 21 06:29:45 PDT 2007

Hi Groop,
Was a little busy last week with non-GROO activities.  My daughter graduated
from high school on Saturday, and I was cleaning and getting ready for visitors
for the big event.  Unfortunately some things (not many) take priority over the 
Year of GROO.  I have, however, been reading all of the posts and trying to keep
up with any new news.
    One thing I read was Gary's question to Mark about Groo Movie merchandise,
in particular, Groo hats.  If I read it correctly, Mark said there were no plans for
any Groo hats in connection to the movie.  This got my mind working (really).
I work for a small independent grocery chain (7 stores).  The owner decided to
have all the stores carry the same name.  When he did this, we had the opportunity
to design our own logo.  We then took the logo to a local embroidery shop and
they embroidered the logo on shirts and hats for us to wear.
   So..............................................I was wondering if maybe the Groop could
get permission from Mark and Sergio to maybe get a Groop 25th anniversary
of Groo hat made.  They would only be available to the Groop (and of course Mark, Sergio, Stan and Tom) sort of like how the Motor City Comic Con T-shirt
thing worked.  It wouldn't involve any artwork, just something like GROO 25th
Anniversary.  I was thinking maybe like a black or orange hat with silver lettering
(for the 25th Ann. of course) and maybe the Groop web address on the back.
   Just an idea.  Something kind of like the mouse pads only without artwork on
it.  Let me know what you think.

    Wayne S.
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