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Hi Folks!

I could be wrong (I often am), but I think we need to separate Groop
stuff from Groo stuff in our thinking.  Like I said, Mark made it clear
when Nate & Ruben did the mouse pads years ago that that was a special
deal.  And I think allowing the use of the art on the cards should also
be thought of the in the same way. (And the cards are not what you'd
call typical or mainstream merchandise anyway)

So a Groop hat or a shirt or a mug that says "Did I Err?" or "What
Pirates?" or "I Belong to the Groop" is no problem.  If we want to we
can go ahead and do that any time.  But I don't think we should ask
Sergio and Mark for permission to use the Groo Logo or Groo art on
anything that is mainstrean merchandise.  Like I said before, from a
business prespective, I think that might be tantamount to a giveaway
that is too much to ask.  And I think anything about the 25th
Anniversary falls into that category as well.   

I'm just glad that Sergio was so thoughtful as to give us a heads up and
contact person for the Motor City shirts so that we were not stuck
rending our garments and gnashing our teeth over not being able to get
them. (Although I know there are a couple of you who didn't read the
e-mails quick enough and are already gnashing and rending.  Sorry.) 
I really like the idea of a Groop hat and/or mug that says "Did I Err?"
or "What Pirates?" and then "groo at groo.com" in smaller letters.   We'll
have to take that up someday.  

Take care all -Gary G. 

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Thats what I was inquiring about a few weeks ago.  But too much at one
  Perhaps in a year or two we can take a collection and pay for a
groo groop logo to get on a shirts/hat/polos/mailing labels/other items
the group would enjoy wearing.  It would be the official groo groop
The print run would be limited to the groop and thats it.  I understand
logon would run a moderate amount, but would also like to see the
of the groop logo to be Mark's/Sergio's and the items printed as per
disgression so there would be no abuse of the logo.   I don't believe
in the groop should have the ablility to profit on the logo, which is
Mark would have 100% control over the logo on group merchandise.  I
a quarterly/semi annual inquiry of merchandise creation and merchandise 
costing creation price plus shipping.

Again, perhaps in a year or two.

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