[Groop] Groo exchange?

Martin Kranwetvogel mkranwet at yahoo.com
Wed May 23 07:03:00 PDT 2007


I've got a very Grooish item I would like to trade:

It's the Image Groo No 2, where they erred binding the pages. It contains
page 1-8, again 1-8, 25-end. Great thing, but you'll never get to know
what happenes between page 9 and 24.

Someone interested? I'll trade against a few issues I don't have yet.


--- jason nuttall <jasonnuttall at yahoo.com> schrieb:

> I just saw a cover of Groo that I don't think I have,
> which makes me physically ill that I overlooked such a
> thing.
>   I am missing #58 of the Marvel run.  If anyone has a
> spare issue, let me know what issue you need or want a
> copy of.  I have alot of extras through 98, I do
> believe. ALso, If anyone has the issue of Lil Groo and
> the Fountain of youth, with the cover that looks like
> #35(?). My 2 yr old got ahold of it and Grooed it.
>  And what about Batman #600? I just read where Patton
> Oswalt did a story for that and Sergio did the art.
> Any extras?  
> Thanks
> Jason
> Check me out!
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