[Groop] Hat, etc. Idea - Do you remember?

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look in the archives for the story; I understand that Sergio ended up with
the garage full of stuff and apparently sold it at Cons ... and its all long
A seller In Colorado came across a box about two years and ebayers snapped
it all up - I wish I'd known it was so rare at the time - but there were
several happy groopers...

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whatever happened to the guy who ran this company?   Rapid Eye
is he in the Groop?   Are you out there??? 
maybe he has a secret stash leftover of this Groo stuff stored somewhere.
Like in the ending to Raiders of the Lost Ark....where the Ark of the
Covenant gets stored in a container with millions of other unopened crates
in a warehouse somewhere in Ojai,  California.    
Even the brochure itself looks awesome!!   heck, I'd be happy with one of
those if there's one left hidden somewhere!    Those awesome pics make me
wish I owned a computer back in '98....
(Exactly 9 more weeks till Groo 25th book arrives!!!)
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Hi groop,

For the nostalgically ones among us, I've scanned the 1998 Groo wear
brochure from Rapid Eye Entertainment. With the great Groo and Rufferto
clothes we've (nearly) all missed.





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