[Groop] Haiku: Groo Reference(s)?

Vaughn (Home) vaughn at sewardconsulting.com
Thu May 31 19:24:24 PDT 2007

As I mentioned last year sometime I have been reading and writing haiku. 
Just over a year ago I started a haiku blog called masago-no-haiku:


Today I posted the following haiku:

*Green gardener -
red worms are fed
organic onions.*
*[Here is a play on the word "green" in that the gardener is trying to 
be environmental through composting. He is a novice, though, as is 
evidenced by the fact that he apparently doesn't know that red worms, 
which are commonly used for composting, happily feed on most vegetable 
and fruit scraps, except onions and citrus.]

Note that this haiku contains at least three semi-concealed references 
to Groo (created as an inside joke for the members of the Groop). :-)

~Vaughn Seward

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