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Jason M J Smith the_tsar at excite.com
Wed Sep 5 18:14:31 PDT 2007

 I thought that little pic was groo, the hair gave it away, very grooy hair. On another point, any groopies have any excess groo gear (excluding comics) they want to off-load, I may be a buyer.  I checked out that website, mentioned in the groop a few topics back, that sells the Sergio Drawings (ex art), pretty expensive but in line with what some art goes for, although some 1500 dollar peices seemed a little rich, covers and so on. Are their other places that may have a store of these? I would love to get somthing eventually for mr groo collection. Groo seems to have this virus like way of taking over ones home, you start of just getting a few Groo here and their, suddenly the sets almost complete, so you get the remaining comics to complete the set, then you upgrade some crappy comics bought early in 2nd hand stores..........(why not, in some comic places groo is just over a buck - mint!).  ONce thats done, then focus turns to a few trinkets here and there, focus on the 
card set perhaps, some more trinkets, a groo statue if your keen enough, suddenly, when a little more merchandise has crept in your house, it seems a waste not to get the lunchbox and thise pins, even a groo Groop membership card. There seems only one or 2 more thngs to get to complete the great groo set, then your tastes become more refined, looking for the things not everyone is privey to, (especially hard in Australia) like posters, sergios signature n doodle, or magnets, sketches and original art fropm Groo. Then the cost goes up to join this elete group of collectors..........this is the price of eclectic comic collecting. I wonder if ME used my letter for the new Groo.  Emesh myself in Groos folklaw. Cool Groop though. Especially to those who wish to be closer to the Groo action.  Cheers guys   Jason  

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