[Groop] My Statue Numbers 4 GrooTin and Cheese dip.

RALPH PLOWMAN plowman221 at btinternet.com
Sun Sep 9 04:49:17 PDT 2007

I have Climbing Groo Mouse pad No. 109/132 and Fraying Groo mouse pad No. 66/132.
  Ralph Plowman.
  (I also have a second Life/Death of Groo HC that is unopened, therefore  No. ?)

Climbing Groo Mouse Pad (132)

No: 014 Gary Grossmann
No: 016 Gary Grossmann
No: 027 Eduardo Schmitt
No: 043 John P. Torregrossa
No: 045 John P. Torregrossa
No: 085 Dieter Opfer
No: 126 Ruben Arellano

Fraying Groo Mouse Pad (132)

No: ? Ruben Arellano
No: 011 Gary Grossmann
No: 013 Gary Grossmann
No: 027 Eduardo Schmitt
No: 040 John P. Torregrossa
No: 122 Dieter Opfer

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