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Hey,  wasn't there a Groo cover gallery link on the Groo wiki  before???
Or maybe that was deleted or in another site????
I could have sworn I saw one on there.....
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Hehee.  You can thank me for those wikipedia edits.  I look it  upon myself 
to tidy up the bibliography last year and since then have  faithfully added to 
it the 25 anniversary special and following 4 part  miniseries.
Every couple of weeks I had to keep changing the release date because  Dark 
Horse kept changing it.  :(
I think it's hilarious that she wouldn't have known about it if I hadn't  
been doing that.
My wiki handle is "The One Watcher".  Usually my online nickname is  
something like 'watcher'.
Actually I better go remove the release date of the Anniversary special  now 
that it's out.  Anyone know any details about the Groo/Conan  crossover?  I 
know it's 6 books but anyone know the actually title or  anything? 

On 9/12/07, Dan  Bron <_groo at dbron.net_ (mailto:groo at dbron.net) > wrote:  
My  girlfriend and I have a longstanding game of  oneupmanship.  Whoever does 
the most annoying chores for the  other's sake "wins". 

Well, today I thought I had the opportunity  to take the trophy.  She lost a 
contact, and asked me to go to her  place, pick up a
replacement, and deliver it to her at the  office.  Given the distances, 
timing, and stakes involved, I  figured I locked in the 
lead for at least a year.

So, as I strut  into her office with a smile of smug satisfaction on my lips, 
she hands me a  present.  A purple present.  With  a
bow.  Uh-oh.  The present is kinda  floppy.  A pad of wrapping paper, just to 
be funny?  A  bunch of deeds to European palaces? 
Nudey  photos?  No.

Groo:  The 25th anniversay  special.   God-damnit!  It was all a ruse!  I  
didn't even know there was a new Groo scheduled; I only
read the Groop  sporadically these days.  But she, being the keen 
onemanupper,  apparently keeps a mental file of everything I like. 
So what does she  do?  Reads the Wikipedia entry on Groo, notices there's an  
upcoming edition, puts a reminder in her calendar, and
sends me on a wild  goose chase the day it comes out, so she can be sure I 
don't buy it for  myself before she can spring her trap. 

I must be slow of  mind.


PS:  There are mild spoilers in these  PSes.  Avert thy gaze.

PPS:  The worst part is  she's coming over tonight for her well deserved 
reward.  Which  will probably entail kissing.  But the 
comic scared the  bejesus out of me.  I don't even have a surgical mask 
(besides,  those things would probably interfere with
sensation).  And  when I went to my local grocer to get some of "those 
berries that taste like  dirty feet", all I got was a 
quizzical look.  When I clarified  with "you know, the ones that cure 
monkeys", the guy walked  off.  I guess he doesn't kiss  much.

PPPS:  Now what am I going to do?  How  do you one-up Groo?

P4S:  Look very carefully at the titles  of the books on Sergio's shelf in 
the intro  pages.

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