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eephillip eephillip at verizon.net
Thu Sep 13 05:47:44 PDT 2007

  Thanks a bunch.  My envelop arrived yesterday, the same day I picked up the 25th Anniversary issue.  A special day indeed!!!

  My statues are on the "numbers" lists, but I also have orange card #0027, Rufferto mouse pad #63/132, fray mouse pad #98/132.

  That's quite a bike ride!!  I didn't know there was a GROO person in York.  You should have a Harley!  I get up there (from VA) twice a year for the big train show at the Fair Grounds and usually eat at a nice little restaurant around back (Alexander's?).  I'll have to look out for you and your bike next trip.  Do you have GROO sketches on your rubber pants?

Gene P 
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