[Groop] Baltimore Comic-Con

Neil Ottenstein neil.ottenstein at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 06:13:06 PDT 2007

On 9/12/07, Dominick Cronenberg <domino at dejazzd.com> wrote:

> Before I forget, here is some news you probably hear it already but yes
> Sergio is writing the Groo/ Conan thing into a 6 part series, can't wait to
> see how he does it.

> That's what I can remember from the panel there were
> people taking notes so they might have more information.

He discussed that at his panel.  He'll be doing it from both the point
of view of Groo and from Conan, so they both will "win".  Tom Yeates
will be doing the Conan art.   It will be coming out right after Hell
on Earth.

The rights to a Groo movie have been sold.  There are disagreements
with the approach, though.  Until it is exactly what he wants, he can

> Back to the con, alot of people have said that this was a big con. I guess,
> but I am so jaded from going to Wizard con and Otakon (Anime fest in
> Baltimore takes up both buildings, unlike this con that took up one of the
> big rooms) that this was small, but I guess with all the talent that was
> there this was a big one.

Compared to those conventions this is a small one, but it is getting
bigger every year.  Check out the history over at


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