[Groop] Hidden Message to the Groop

Janet Harriett janet at harriett.us
Fri Sep 14 19:29:49 PDT 2007

That completely made my week, seeing my name in Groo!  We haven't  
received our copy from Things From Another World yet, so I haven't  
seen it in person.  Thanks for posting the scan.  I told the Mensa  
message board I'm on about it, and many of them agreed that it is too  
cool for words, being a background gag in a Sergio drawing.  Go  
figure, Groo and Sergio are popular among Mensans.

That was a shrewd marketing move on Sergio's part.  My parents spent  
my entire childhood and adolescence keeping me as far away from  
comics as possible.  However, when I told my mother that my name was  
in one, she about fell over herself getting the info to order a copy  
for her and my dad.  Funny how having your kid's name in a comic  
suddenly makes comics not just worthwhile, but absolutely necessary  
to purchase.  Possible that one little background gag in a panel may  
snare a new Groo reader out of a comics-averse person.

I can't quite make out the spine on the rightmost book on the upper  
shelf.  Does anyone have a firm notion about what it says?


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