[Groop] Groo is Here!! (Don't Forget to Duck!)

Gary Grossmann grossfamm at comcast.net
Fri Sep 14 21:46:49 PDT 2007

Hi Folks!

Random (& Pointless) Consolidated Comment Post:  

I love this Groop!

Someone for whom English is a second langauge asks us how to buy Groo when they vist Salt Lake City and they get multiple optiomns in both English and their native tongue!  

You guys are Way Cool!!!  

Anil:  fabulous Groo Photo Essay.  I hope Sergio sees it.  

The Other Eli:  The blue thingy is a Koshiate.  It is a sword holder for two swords made of a board and fastened to the belt.  This answer and others details about Groo's accoutrements can be found in the Groo Grams of Epic #65.  

Tone:  Marvelously rich and detailed Con report.  You were really able to get across what a wonderful person Sergio is.  btw, he said in san Diego that he had found a little batch of the Rufferto Magnets and then was quite consternated that he couldn't find them.  That's why i was not able to get them for the folks who wanted magnets.  

And hey!  Someone has TWO (2) Sketch cards?  Did he happen to tell you how he pulled that off?  Good Grief!  (The exclamation is G rated for Eric's sake)  And I guess I forgot that you had one.  Good for you.  the more of them that are in Groopie hands the better!!  As for me, Oh, well...

And Ryan, your name might not have been in the Groo Special, but at least you never always picked last when they chose up sides for dodge ball.

Take care all -Gary G.

PS  In addition to recently the crashing my bicycle and banging up my left leg, blowing out my right calf, the washing machine dying, a pipe in the wall sprining a leak and the dog needing a tooth removed, just as i was sitting here typing this one of my teeth broke.  There is a price to pay for being the biggest Groo Fan in the World when new Groo comes out...

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