[Groop] The Coolest Groo Item Ever...

Tone Tone at moon-shine.net
Sat Sep 15 05:21:44 PDT 2007

	I think your idea for a set of Groo swords would be awesome,
though I would imagine them as movie merchandise material. Think of all
the swords sold after the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Heck, I would be
happy if sets of plastic Groo swords came out as part of a Halloween
Groo costume! :)

Anni & Rod,
	The running consensus for what that blue thing, which holds the
straps for Groo's swords, is a Betamax video tape. These days I think
Betamax tapes are either not really made anymore or are very hard to
	At the Baltimore Convention someone on the line actually proudly
spoke up about it being a Betamax tape when someone in front of Sergio
asked what all the things on Groo's belts and straps were. Sergio turned
to him and I while nodding with a big smile as I automatically responded
to the guy, "Yep, you got it."

	If I am not mistaken, I think the guy in Baltimore said he
managed to find both the sketch cards in a full box he bought and opened
himself. You know Sergio still has one full unopened box! I would not be
surprised if more and more sketch cards pop up in any future opened
boxes. Remember, there was talk about how the printing company did not
properly randomize the IG and sketch card insertions.
	...and how the heck did you BREAK A TOOTH while just sitting
there typing your e-mail? Did you clench your teeth so extremely hard
when you heard there was some dude walking around with TWO sketch cards?

	Thanks for sending me that higher resolution image of me and
Sergio in Baltimore off the list.
	As for the 3-minute sketch Sergio did for the HERO Initiative...
you beat me to it. I was going to include that as part of my third Con
report. :) Either way for the time being, just to top your own post...
here is the same link to that 3-miute sketch Sergio did for HERO without
having to click on extra links:


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