[Groop] Groo CGI (was "Brain Damage")

chris.emmett at hsbcib.com chris.emmett at hsbcib.com
Tue Apr 1 01:37:28 PDT 2008

Got to agree with the no-live-action sentiment. It just wouldn't work.
Where would you get all those people with knobbly elbows and knees?

> Groo-movie-wise, anything that doesn't follow the herd with CGI would be
> the coolest. Much as I like Ice Age, Toy Story, Madagascar, etc, etc, I
> thought the best and funniest animation I've seen recently was the woolen
> HHGTTG scene. Groo is sufficiently niche to do this very well, methinks.

I'm not sold on the idea of a muppet groo, as much as I love the muppets,
they can't really do action scenes all that well, and part of their charm
the fact that they're supposed to be puppets. Groo is supposed to be a

The problem with most CGI is the over-rendering. IT doesn't have to be that
way; everythign doesn't have to be photorealistic. I think some of the work
in the new Horton movie looks great. Groo could work in CGI if they can
mange to not make him look like a plastic toy, and make him move
not like the marionette-look everybody in Shrek had.

On the whole, I think either CGI (done right) or 2d traditional animation
the way to go. Live-action could end up like Brendan Frasier's "George of
the Jungle." Cartoons in live action just don't work.

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