[Groop] gas prices

Stephanie Mortimer rufferta at cox.net
Tue Apr 1 09:50:16 PDT 2008

We were out in Borrego Springs, California, two weeks ago, and the gas 
station there was charging over $4 a gallon. I'm glad we didn't have to 
get gas!

By the way, I notice that the quality of the spam I get is improving. 
None of that low-budget Nigerian stuff, me, I am getting the superior 
spam saying I am owed money from THE UNITED NATIONS TRUST FUND!


Shawn Moore wrote:

>so when are yall moving to nice warm cajun country.  You can still get a gallon for 2.99.  The winter season is a month maybe and the temp goes below 32 maybe 4 times a year.  Nice and warm and good cookin too.  
>shawn the guy
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