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Your clock was playing a joke on you, it was before midday... oh, your calendar was in on it also... muhaa!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008, 12:44:02 PM, you wrote:

cehc> Can't be - it's 6pm and there's no April Fools allowed after midday.

cehc> Womble

cehc> Um, April Fool's?

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cehc> Speaking of scams

cehc> I was getting emails from Nigeria telling me because I was not falling
cehc> for their scams, I owe them $100 to get off their mailing list or the
cehc> scams will keep on coming.

cehc> I replied to one of them and send them the $100.  They stopped and now
cehc> I'm getting $100 offers from the widows and bank presidents now telling
cehc> me to do the same.  I'm also getting them from the fake credit card
cehc> spoofs.  I figure I can be rid of them all for about $1,500 until the
cehc> next wave hits.

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